Did you know floods are one of the most common types of natural disasters? Or in 2015, floods caused more deaths and destruction of property than any other natural disaster? Floods affect us all – no neighborhood, community, state, or region is immune to their threat. To help build flood resilience, the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) developed its Flood Apex program, which is aimed to create a decision support system-of-systems for community risk assessment and resilience planning. The Flood Apex will culminate in the development of the National Flood Decision Support Toolbox, which will help users in making crucial decisions before, during, and after events.

S&T wants your insights on how to best enhance community protection, flood impact mitigation, flood response, and community recovery. Getting to the bottom of the issues starts with you. By participating, you're helping ensure that the National Flood Decision Support Toolbox is the best it can be.

Share Your Flood Story

If you've lived through a flood, what can you share with others to help them become more resilient?

Share Your Insights on Flood Resilience

What do you think needs to be addressed in the areas of preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery? How? By whom?

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