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All-In-One Shelter and Survival System for First Responders and Victims

The lack of innovation in the disaster relief space is leaving our first responders without the necessary tools to effectively complete their mission objectives. The Life Cube seeks to fix this by tackling 21st century problems with 21st century technology.


The Life Cube begins as a 5’ by 5’ square shipping container that can be loaded into trucks or air-dropped anywhere on the globe. The hard-walled container protects the internal equipment, and provides for easy long-term storage. Our patented hoop system allows the user to easily roll the Life Cube into place, even in soft sand.


Once in place, the user is able to open the Life Cube like a box, and inflate the shelter contained within. One or two people can deploy the full unit in under 10 minutes. The extra space inside the cube allows the user to fill it with any equipment necessary for the task at hand


The completed shelter features a 12-foot ceiling and a canopy material that is weather resistant and MSHA-rated fire retardant. It can withstand 55 mph sustained winds as well as heavy snow loads. The spacious interior can hold 24 people standing, or sleep 4 to 8 people with certain bed configurations.


The final touch to the life Cube is the integrated power system that is trickle charged by solar panels on the roof of the canopy. The power system runs lights, a fan, radio equipment, and a cell phone charger. With these capabilities, the user is able to live safely and comfortably in any remote area.


Our product has just been featured on the radio show "Your Preparation Station". Check out this link to listen and learn more:


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