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Coastal Acoustic Sensors

Coastal Acoustic Sensors which would alert agents regarding illicit activity at or near the international boundary. The primary objective of this project would be to develop, test, and deploy a maritime coastal oriented acoustic monitoring system (MCOAMS). This system would listen for specific vessel traffic which could be involved in cross border illicit activity. In addition, this system could be linked to the current ICAD (Intelligent Computer Assisted Detection) system already in place for real time alerts to agents in the field.


The impact of these sensors would be enormous. For example, an acoustic sample of an illegal incursion would reveal a specific acoustic signature of a particular vessel and alert agents when that vessel returns to the area. The sensors could differentiate between two boats that have the same hull, engine, and propellers. The project may have external funding through DHS S&T. This funding would be available through an acoustic sensor program at the University of Hawaii.



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