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Combat forest fires with flood waters

The forest fires of the California mountains are becoming too suspicious when they are released a few days prior of winds that come across that region. Year after year and month after month we see planes circling the fires dumping chemicals on to the fires.We use up natural resources and billions of dollars to fight them. But, year after year we see certain regions become seriously flooded from hurricanes and flood rains. Why we don't we harness the flood rains to containment facilities that can be transferred to fight the forest fires. We can draw the flooding waters through vacuum pumped and filtered system into containment tanks that can be airlifted by super cargo planes to the forest fires. These planes can then distribute the high volume of water over the fires. The double ended resource will help remove the damaging flooding pressure that can cause Levy ruptures, bank erosion, and residual run off into other areas.The water may as well be captured for use than watch it destroy infrastructure, economy, and kill people. The suspicious fires may lose flavor of the "bad actors" once those persons see we can have a very effective way to combat the terroristic behavior to combat their fires. I am certain bad actors get their jollies by using mother nature to fuel their fires. We should have the last laugh of putting them out of business by using floods to win.



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