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Determining which triage tagging tools contibute the most towards reducing patient collection times & collection errors?

Conducting/supporting a study that compares all currently available triage tagging tools (different styles of paper tags, triage ribbon, reflective slap wrap wrist bands, colored clothes pins, chemical lights, single colored chemlight alternatives, triage lights and paper tags with RFID) in daytime, nighttime and adverse condition scenarios. There are several studies that compare triage methods but I have found only one that compared triage tagging tools. It concluded when you use lights in adverse condition initial triage that you reduce patient collection times by over 30% and you reduce patient collection errors from 4 errors down to 1 error. Those are significant numbers due to improved situational awareness, see attached. The hope is to have the data available for FICEMS and NEMSAC to consider when writing upcoming National EMS guidelines. Data from the responder community is critical and I believe that by establishing which tools contribute the most towards a patients "Golden hour" as well as to the safety and performance of the responders is important.


Is there a need to establish which triage tagging tools contribute the most towards a patients "Golden Hour" and a responders overall safety/performance?


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