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Eagle System Mobile Robotic Perimeter Weapon

Mobile Robotic Perimeter/Border Weapon

Eagle System, the simplest way to move materials from one point to another. Suspend a cable in the air, attach it at both ends and put my machine on it, remote control or automated, climbs a 20% slope. Cable is energized with DC power.

My machine Eagle System runs on a single cable, can make turns, and travel from tower to tower to tower for long distance. Eagle can be weaponized. The configuration is modular which allows different weapon packages non-lethal to lethal mounted below. Surveillance packages are off the shelf and used for tracking, identification and targeting mounted on top of Eagle. Their attachment point would be modular which allows different configurations for different environments. This remote controlled weapon could replace the solider in the field guarding country borders or any environment from military bases to ships at sea to ship to shore. One solider could control 100's of miles from the safety of a secure facility.



I have built proof of concept machine.



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