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St. Clair County, Michigan: Overwhelmed/Overbuilt Drainage

After years of working with our emergency management professionals to build mobile tools for responding to flood events; the implications of our neighbors' 1am call to proclaim "we are being flooded" seemed obvious... However, the full appreciation of a flood is achieved while listening to the sounds of air escaping from under your floors and then chasing earthworms from the soaked insulation between your studs after the waters subside.



A mop and bucket from the Red Cross does little to help homeowners navigate the specific definitions used to categorize (and limit) covered expenses or comprehend the actual damage sustained by residents. Even when a resident can "live" in their home while spending tens of thousands to replace HVAC and electrical... a FEMA assessment of "minor damage" simply adds insult to a family who is recovering from damage to what they formally believed was the center of their existence.


Hopefully the new and improved spatial relational database structure built for CAUSEIV will assist future data collection efforts and facilitate the safety of residents and the responder community.



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