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Turn Around Don't Drown

While I personally haven't experienced the negative consequences of a major flood, I have encountered several instances of flooded roads that forced me to turn around. The most recent encounter I had was while I was driving along the California coast in search of a restaurant, and came upon a road that was flooded with water. While the thought of driving through the water did cross my mind, I remembered that it doesn't take much water (12 inches) to carry a vehicle downstream, and turned around to keep looking for a bite to eat. It just wasn't worth ruining my car and risking my life.


After watching the video below on what could happen when your vehicle gets stuck in a flood, the message to "Turn Around, Don't Drown" only rings more true, don't drive through a flooded road if you can avoid it! In 2015 there were 176 deaths from flood, and 112 of those (64%) were deaths in vehicles. While getting stuck in a flash flood cannot always be avoided, willfully driving over a flooded road is putting your life-and those who will attempt to rescue you-at risk.




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