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Would utilizing illuminated personnel identifiers improve situational awareness, accountability & safety of responders at night?

Over the last few years several National ESF-9 Nighttime Trainings have utilized color coded illuminated markers to identify location and responsibilities of responders. Here is a link to a letter from one of the trainers stating it contributes to overall situational awareness & security, .


During the most recent exercise teams were broken down into the red team, blue team and yellow team. The team leaders set there illuminated ID to flash the team color. IC wore green and Safety officers wore the multicolor rotating selection. Here is a link to a video from the exercise -


Would including actively illuminated personnel identifiers improve a responders situational awareness of team members locations, responsibilities and condition? If so, does this contribute to the overall safety, performance and accountability? Should different forms of tagging responder personnel during nighttime/adverse condition MCI's be evaluated to determine which are the most effective?


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