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had FLOOD Ins had FLOOD now have NOTHING FEMA PAID $0!

I HAD to have Flood Ins per my mortgage company (PNC Bank) when I bought my home. Dec 23, 2013 - our area had a flood. the flood water got up to the underside of our floors and stayed that high about 2 weeks once the river receded we still had puddles under our home. the weight of our home caused our foundation to give in the flood water saturated ground when the foundation gave out roof buckled. After the flood we had snow, ice, thaw , then rain, freeze thaw. Not just all the damages but the house filled with black mold. Having flood Insurance with FEMA we assume our home would be covered. NOT! as of today we have not gotten anything from FEMA for our home. We rented a condo a friend had temporarily - for Jan 2014 In that month we found out it was going to be longer then we thought to get out claim covered. so we found another place to rent that we could have our dog, my ex husband kept our dog in jan. We moved Jan 31, 2014 to a small bungalow - we put $1200 in it to make it livable but we were able to have our dog. We stayed there til Nov 2015- the owner was retiring and we knew we would have to move so we found a small rental home in town we could still have our dog. - the place was a dump- we put $1400 in it - stayed there until Oct 2016 and we lucked out and found a house in the country! - we are still here but we are on a month to month lease per the owner's request so we have no idea when we will have to move again, the owner lives in the state of Delaware and plans on moving back here at some point. We paid our mortgage for over the 1st year fighting for our flood claim - our savings was sucked down paying mortgage & rent & we had to stop paying mortgage so we could afford to pay rent. So now our home is in foreclosure, We have fought this also. PNC has tried selling our as a "livable" property the house HAS TO BE torn - to fix the foundation, FEMA originally sent Kevin P Cronan, a MECHANICAL Engineer with US Forensics to do a flood damage report on our home in Jan 2013. Cronan NEVER got in the crawlspace, on the roof, or in the attic , got his weather info from and a paperback book titled- How The House Was Built. He wrote a report saying all the damage was preexsisting. US Forensics is 1 of a few Engineer Companies on Dateline with Charlie Rose for turning in Fraudulant Flood claim reports! We hired a STRUCTURAL Engineer, Mr Ray Blinn he came out to our home, Blinn got on the roof, in the attic, in the crawlspace he took pictures of all the damaged areas - submitted his report saying it WAS Flood damage and our claim was still DENIED! Bottom line - the last person we talked to from FEMA with CBS news reporter, Nathan Baca at story titled Flood Insurance Loophole told us that if flood water comes up and causes ANY type of earth movement or earth shifting it does not cover the damage. The flood Insurance ONLY covers if the flood water completely levels your home off the foundation and levels your home. is what we were told last fall!

To date - we have been told we will NEVER get anything for our home, our flood claim was denied and will remain denied. We are out our home, all the money, down payment, everything we put into our home and 13.7 acres, a fish pond, 6 car pole barn with a lean to on the side. we lost everything! While fighting this - we had things we couldn't move locked in our pole barn - our home was broke into 7 times- Thieves took so much stuff we are still finding things missing. The Red Cross paid for repairs to a neighbors home 2x - it was owned out right no mortgage so they do not have to have flood insurance. We could not even get a mop bucket from the Red Cross because we HAD Flood Insurance!! So because we were responsible, did what we were suppose to do PAID what we were to pay we have NOTHING! It's sad- our Credit has took a hard hit from 782 to 314 - it is back up to 567 now! we can not buy another home because now we foreclosure on our record, It's like living in a nightmare you can't wake up from but it is REAL LIFE! it's sad and it is WRONG! We will gladly to talk anyone, share our story and do anything we can to prevent anyone from going through the HELL we have been through and continue to go through! If Kevin P Cronan evaluates your home- you better do your homework and ask for another Engineer! If you buy a home from PNC - have it inspected - they have tried covering up damage to our home and selling it as a livable home. I continue to go to the Sheriff Auctions and disclose EVERYTHING Everytime our home is up for Auction! and I will continue to do so just somebody else doesn't end up buying our home thinking we just skipped out and quit paying our mortgage - if you look in the windows it doesn't look to bad- look closer!! the damage is there just covered up! I have a very detailed time line, emails, contact lists, dates, times, etc of everyone I have talked to with Foremost Ins, Colonial Claim Ins, Fire Exchange Ins, FEMA, PNC (Local branch & Headquarters) Brooks Jarosz, Fox News 6 on your side did a news story summer 2014, Nathan Baca, 10tv,com CBS News story Flood Insurance Loophole ran last spring 2016 My email is my cell is 740-262-2286

I will do whatever I can to help someone so they do not go through this hell! Kenya (Lee) Mullholand



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