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Screening at Speed:
Ensuring That Security Matches the Pace of Life

In an ideal world...screening at speed will provide for comprehensive threat protection while adapting security to the pace of life rather than life to security. Unobtrusive screening of people, baggage, or cargo will enable the seamless detection of threats while respecting privacy, with minimal impact to the pace of travel and speed of commerce.

Screening systems can detect explosives, bolster chemical and biological defense, and enhance borders and maritime security for both traditional and non-traditional checkpoints. As the movement of people and goods continues to increase in volume, the development of innovative technology solutions are critical, requiring continued collaboration between universities, industry, and a wide array of first responders, airport and mass transit personnel, and the federal government. How can we work together to accomplish the ideal state?

Screening at speed for explosives, chemical and biological agents, and illegal human activity (such as contraband smuggling) encompasses the following four main areas:

Aviation Security

Facilities Protection

Borders and Maritime Security

Mass Transit Security


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Screening & Responding at Speed: Dual use opportunities of Biometric, Bioinformatics and Big Data for effective response.

As part of the “National Conversation” it strikes me that there are some interesting common reference points across each of the current seven discussion topics. Depending on how one looks at each of the topics, we could venture down a path of isolated, singular silo’d response to need or just maybe we could look at relevant research and technologies and assess the dual use implications to ensure a more comprehensive ...more »


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Reducing the time/queues at Security/Immigration with automated allocation to a specific queue.

SmartQ is multi-functional Boarding Pass validation and Queue Management system designed to aid airport operators in the management of queues in their security screening areas. SmartQ uses the information from a passengers boarding pass, loyalty card etc to determine whether a passenger should be granted access to the security zone, and if required assign that passenger to the most appropriate queue. Using a powerful ...more »


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Scanning at Speed – Border Patrol Checkpoints and the Fourth Amendment

More and more frequently, travelers are challenging mandatory traffic stops at inland USBP checkpoints. The popular fourth amendment challenge surrounds the key point of “probable cause” for “impeding free travel”. This has had a serious impact on agents who are not trained constitutional lawyers as well as on checkpoint Concept of Operations. Rather than meet the full resistance of a fourth amendment movement by stopping ...more »


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