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Alert & Warning Solutions

The alert and warning problems raised yet again in the latest S&T National Conversation cannot be fully addressed without infrastructure modernization. Our 10+ year study and technical feasibility efforts showed that ‘smart’ alert and warning devices are key, and the only practical path to the required performance, precision, flexibility and reliability. This ‘smart’ tech can deliver (not just issue but cause people ...more »


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Share Your Flood Story!

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Emergency Alerts and a Flooded Train Station

Last night while commuting on metro, I (and everyone else on my train platform) received a wireless emergency alert about flash flooding that could occur in the area. I was preoccupied thinking about the WEA system, and how it was kind of neat to see everyone on the platform get the message, and then two minutes later see everyone on the arriving train receive it as their train came out of the tunnel and they had access ...more »


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