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Eagle System

How; Eagle rides on a single cable with a hoist mounted below it. Eagle drives itself along the cable (self-driven), it can turn, travel any distance and it does not require any platforms to be built to access it. The cable carries weight and provides DC electrical power for Eagle to run. Eagle is a mobile elevator that can lift materials, people and container cars just depends on your needs. For Homeland security ...more »


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Believing the Unbelievable

Global cooperation in STEM has made everyone believe that everything should become declassified. This in my opinion, is like selling out to the opposite camp. US and NATO declassify too much, but rogue nations declassify nothing or very little. Where's the fairness? It's not a give and take. It is a take and give nothing situation, the way I see it. The West is too lax in giving up STEM secrets and work to the rest of ...more »


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