A Trusted Cyber Future:
Protecting Privacy, Commerce, and Community

In an ideal world...underlying digital infrastructure will be self-detecting, self-protecting, and self-healing. Users will trust that information is protected, illegal use is deterred, and privacy is not compromised. Security will operate seamlessly in the background. How can we work together to accomplish the ideal state?

The S&T National Conversation is intended to foster an exchange between users and innovators to generate sustainable homeland security solutions. The Cyber Security Division (CSD) is leading the dialogue on A Trusted Cyber Future.

Over the course of several months through a series of community engagements, CSD will be reaching out to the cybersecurity research community, customers, and interagency partners to develop its next five year technology R&D roadmap as well as the NITRD Federal Cybersecurity R&D Plan, as co-chair of the Cyber Security and Information Assurance (CSIA) Working Group.

The National Conversation on Cybersecurity will build upon an existing schedule of local face-to-face meetings with stakeholders and public speaking engagements, across all regions of the continental United States, providing a solid base for the conversation to be amplified and extended online.


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